The Birth of the Everything

“It is the nature of the Supreme Intelligence to create, just as it is the nature of a candle to cast light. It would be simple to say that it created the universe and the planes at the dawn of time. Unfortunately this is a primitive view, for time has no beginning nor end. Instead the Supreme Intelligence always creates new universes, it can be assumed there is an infinite number of universes crafted by the Supreme Intelligence. I will try to keep my writings brief, and only focus on one universe, our universe.

This is a guide, a guide to the many cultures of mankind that have been spread out across the universe. When the traveling pillars grew cold and silent travel between planets died. Thousands of years later, the pillars are once again lit with arcane energies. More planets are being discovered every day! Surely we live in an exciting time.”

-Chandresh Ir’Mali, scholar of Neeraja

Known Worlds